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Custom Resin is a new business for our RD company. Warshel Chemical Ltd (For more, visit Based on current Epoxy resin products, Warshel plans to expend the product lines to cover more classes such as Synthetic Resins for Coatings, General Purpose Resins and Unsaturated Polyester Resins.

Products and technology from us offer solutions to some of society’s greatest challenges. How? Longer, lighter and stronger wind turbine blades create cleaner and renewable energy. Pipelines perform more reliably. Roads, bridges and other vital infrastructure last longer. Vehicles are lighter and more fuel efficient. Smart phones and electronic devices perform faster. And indoor flooring produces fewer emissions.
We are a global supplier of epoxy resins, curing agents, and intermediates. With more than 10 years of innovation, we offer advanced epoxy products and solutions based on the industry’s leading product and process technology. We serve a diverse array of markets and applications, including wind energy, electronics, civil engineering, and composites. And, as one of the most vertically-integrated epoxy suppliers, we are a highly reliable source of supply around the world.


The solutions to tomorrow’s material challenges are being created by our Epoxy today. The requirements of the rapidly expanding electronics industryled to our launch of the first epoxy novolac resins and new brominated flame retardant epoxies. Subsequent innovations included the development of an advancement catalyst for the production of solid epoxy resins, use of a latent catalyst system to increase epoxy glass transition temperatures, and the development of flame-retardant, halogen-free hardeners.


Global quality specialists help us ensure the consistency and reliability of the material we produce. We use special management philosophy to help drive the company's productivity and growth efforts. Our products conform to the highest standards of quality in the world, from the early stages of design through product manufacturing.

Reliable Supply

We ensure fast and reliable supply of epoxy products, technical support and other service through our manufacturing sites, research centres, and customer service centres globally. We are also back-integrated in strategic epoxy raw materials, which makes us a reliable source for the epoxy products you depend on.

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