Reaching Another Milestone: How We Accept Payments Through Bitcoin and Ethereum

Reaching Another Milestone: How We Accept Payments Through Bitcoin and Ethereum

The team at Watson International Ltd. is pleased to inform that you now have the option to pay for your industrial chemical purchases via cryptocurrency.

We are accepting payments through Bitcoin and Ethereum.

You may wonder, what’s in it for you, when the credit card based transaction system was working fine? Because we believe, that the cryptocurrency transaction model will help us to provide better services to you.

What’s In It For You?

First, convenience. If you have mined some Bitcoins or Ethereum, you can use them to pay online for the chemical products that you want to purchase. The product can be linkers for solid phase that you need for your linker strategy. It can be protecting reagents. It can be anything that is part of our stock or an ordered custom synthesis.

Second, security. We understand your concerns that you share over the breach of your credit card information.  Although our servers are fully secured but with cryptocurrency, you can now feel even more secure when conducting an online transaction.

Finally, low administrative expenses. You don’t have to pay hefty charges in form of credit card fee to your bank or credit card service provider.

You may be wondering…

How you can pay for your invoice through Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Let us guide you with the step by step process of making a purchase of your placed order via cryptocurrency.

How You Can Pay With Bitcoin or Ethereum

Once you’ve placed your order and we have confirmed it from our side, you need to select the payment option. From the available payment options, click on Bitcoin or Ethereum—whichever option you prefer. We will then send you an invoice, stating the amount you need to pay in your selected cryptocurrency. The invoice will also have an address on it and an encoded image.

After receiving the invoice, follow these steps:

Step #1: Access Your Cryptocurrency Wallet

If your cryptocurrency wallet is installed on the device from which you will be making the payment, click on the option “Open in Wallet” found on the invoice we have sent you. This will directly take you to your wallet. The invoice details will automatically be sent over to your wallet.

However, if your cryptocurrency wallet is installed on another device, scan the encoded image on the invoice through the wallet installed device. The invoice information will be transferred to your wallet.

If both the options don’t work—it depends on the installed version of the app—then manually copy the bitcoin amount and address code from your invoice to your cryptocurrency wallet.

Step #2: Review the Details

Check all the invoice details, now appearing in your wallet and proceed to executing the transaction. If you don’t have enough cryptocurrency in your wallet, you can buy some through your wallet and pay for it in dollars.

Step #3: Click the “Send” Option

Click on the “Send” option displayed on the dashboard of your cryptocurrency wallet. You will be asked to enter a password and for final conformation to execute the transaction. Follow the instructions, and the payment has been made.

In return, we will send you a confirmation message from our own end to furnish a trail for your record.

That’s how simple the whole process is.

Thank you for your time. We look forward to facilitating you and supplying you with high quality chemical products for your industrial and research needs.