Internal research projects at Watson are primarily targeted to result in long-term commercial benefit. The continuous investment in development and implementation of new chemistries and technologies is regarded as crucial for future success. Especially, since stringent requirements from authorities and the demand for more complex structures from clients require major efforts to remain competitive. In particular, the increasing interest in longer and significantly more complex compounds represents a challenge for all manufacturers. Unlike biotechnological production, the synthetic access to these molecules allows for substantial fine-tuning of these structures. As a consequence, products with tailored properties can be developed, offering opportunities to achieve patent protection for the optimized structures.

Collaborations with external research institutions like the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry(SIOC) are thought to complement these activities.

Type of Reactions

BrominationDiazotization reaction
Vilsmeier reactionHofmann degradation
Grignard reactionUllmann reaction
HWE reaction(Horner-Wadaworth-Emmons)Buchwald-Hartwig reaction
Suzuki-Miyaura reactionFriedel-Carfts acylation


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