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    • Watson Noke Scientific Ltd

      Watson Noke Scientific Ltd

      With long-standing experience and expertise, advanced management system, more than 30 devoted scientists and engineers, 2 leading labs and 2 owned along with 4 other long-term outsourcing production plants and full access to state-of-the-art facilities, such as NMR, IR, Chiral, GC & HPLC, Watson Noke possesses the powerful research and development capability for new products, and assurance of product quality.

    • Warshel Chemical Ltd

      Warshel Chemical Ltd

      Warshel manufactures products for plastics, automotive, aviation, textiles, footwear, paints and coatings, construction, technology, agriculture, detergent, furniture, appliances and packaging. Our involved areas mainly include Catalysts, Resins, Electronic Chemicals and Other Performance Products.

    • Caming Pharmaceutical Ltd

      Warshel Pharmaceutical Ltd

      Caming Pharmaceutical is a diverse generic pharmaceutical company that has evolved into a fully integrated global organization. Caming is building on a heritage of quality and innovation, while embracing the opportunity to grow stronger than ever. Caming does not involve final medicines. Our goal is to be a leading company in the area of pharmaceutical technology, helping our customers shorten the development time of new pharmaceuticals and meeting other needs of our customers by delivering high quality, cost effective, products and services to improve patients health and quality of life.

    • Apnoke Scientific Ltd

      Apnoke Scientific Ltd

      Apnoke Scientific Ltd is specialized in amino acid, peptide reagent and related product manufacturing, providing high-quality, value-added and high-tech peptide related products including Amino Acid, Peptide, Coupling Reagent, Linkers for Solid Phase Synthesis, Protecting Reagent and Crosslinking Reagent through strong and diverse capability, excellent management experience and economy of scale.

    • Jiangsu Watson Bio Ltd

      Jiangsu Watson Bio Ltd

      Jiangsu Watson Bio Ltd is a research and development company dedicated to the production and supply of high-quality IVD (In vitro diagnostic) raw materials including enzymes, carbohydrates, antigens, antibodies and custom biochemicals. Utilizing the advantages of the platform and a huge R&D integration capability, we make the development process of new products easy to predict and grasp.

    • Polyberg New Material Limited

      Polyberg New Material Ltd

      PolyBerg specializes in organic/polymer syntheses and structure/property design for CASE (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, and Elastomers) materials. Solutions are worked out by component analysis, original design or combination based on our equipment and experience. For solutions, we can either transfer the technology directly or manufacture the material by it. Other ways like consulting are also welcomed.

    • Ulcho Biochemical Ltd

      Ulcho Biochemical Ltd

      ULCHO Biochemical Ltd is an independent, technology-based company, specialized in Carbohydrate, Nucleotide and Nucleoside manufacturing, providing high-quality, value-added and high-tech products including carbohydrate-based intermediates, carbohydrate-based drugs, glycosidase substrates, Nucleotide vand Nucleoside through strong and diverse capability.

    • ChemWhat Limited

      ChemWhat Limited

      Chemwhat is a database of chemicals and biologics with 21 languages currently and is translating more. Chemwhat helps customers promote reagents, chemical products and biochemicals as well as sourcing chemical materials globally. Based on FCAD R&D platform, ChemWhat also undertakes custom peptide synthesis and IVD (In vitro diagnostic)raw material development.

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