• D&B Number: 68-718-2908

We provide specialization in organic / polymer syntheses and structure / property design for CASE (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, and Elastomers) materials:

  1. Anionic, cationic, free-radical (thermal, redox, ctc, & raft), UV, condensation, & ring-opening polymerization of acrylics, silicones, vinyl ethers, styrene, vinyl acetate, vinyl imidazole, vinyl chloride, acrylamide, acrylonitrile, diene (butadiene/isoprene), cyclic ethers, fluorinated mono- & multi-functional monomers, cross-linkers, and functionalized monomers & oligomers
  2. Emulsion (seed & in-situ of core/shell latices), bulk/solution (heterogeneous & homogeneous), suspension (bead & powder), & photo-initiated (cationic & radical) polymerization technique
  3. Design & characterization of macro-molecular micro-architecture for novel polymers syntheses
  4. Copolymerization (block, graft, star, alternating, comb, branched, random, RMR, TPE, & IPN)
  5. Polymer blends & compatibilizers for impact modification, structure/property design & cost/performance balance for engineering plastics (Nylons, polyesters, polyurethanes, epoxies, PVC/PVDC, polyethers, & polyureas), TPU (thermoplastic urethane), & lubricant applications (oil additives, surfactants, viscosity index improvers, dispersants, & pour-point depressants)
  6. Coatings/Colorants formulation/de-formulation, characterization, optimization, & production
  7. Polymer curing (vulcanization at room/high temperature), promoters, accelerators, & modifiers
  8. Aerobic & anaerobic adhesives/sealants formulation, characterization, & surface modification
  9. Scale-up, toll manufacturing, & troubleshooting for polymer processing to meet specifications
  10. Customer interactions, technical services, new business/market development, new products commercialization, & projects management (R&D, competitors analysis, costs estimation, strategic planning, projects feasibility analysis, gated project management, & decision making)

We provide the services to help clients create a competitive advantage:

R&D Program Innovation Polymer Synthesis Project Feasibility Analysis
Structure/Property Design Scale-up/Production Business/Market Development
Cost/Performance Benefit Toll Manufacturing Strategic Planning/Management
Best Experimental Design Process Optimization New Product Commercialization


With over 34 years of experience (over 53 patents and publications), we are your one stop for all of your polymer needs and have represented the following companies:

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