Electrolyte with lithium titanate anode material


Electrolyte with lithium titanate anode material

Specifications and Other Information of Our Electrolyte with lithium titanate anode material

Detailed Specification

Electrolyte grade WI59
Warranty period 6 months(Unopened) Cathode material LCO,NCM,LiFePO4
Solvent composition EC/EMC/PC Anode material Lithium titanate
Moisture content ≤15ppm Cycle performance After 2000 cycles the capacity retention remains 90% at 1-3C/1-5C
Acidity content ≤50ppm Applicable battery Soft package, Aluminum shell
Density >1,18g/mL Low temperature performance Under-20℃ and for 16 hours, Capacitance play is more than 80% at 0.3C
Conductivity 7.0-9.0ms/cm High temperature performance Under 60℃ under for 15 days, the expansion rate is less than 5%
Chroma ≤50Hazen


This series of electrolyte is mainly used for LCO, LFP, NCM and anode material is Lithium titanate.The electrolyte is suitable for cylinder, soft package and aluminum shell battery which has good low temperature performance.

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LCO Electrolyte

LCO Electrolyte


This product is developed by our R&D company Warshel Chemical Ltd(http://www.warshel.com/), and here is the corresponding linkhttp://www.warshel.com/electrolyte-with-lithium-titanate-anode-material/

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