electronic1 - Custom Synthesis  of LCD/OLED Materials

Our RD company Warshel Chemical Ltd (For details, please visit http://www.warshel.com) can undertake the custom synthesis service of LCD/OLED monomers as well as other electronic materials.
Our current mature products of LCD/OLED materials include,


Phosphorescent Host Materials for OLED
Fluorescent Host Materials for OLED
Hole Materials for OLED
Electron Tranport Materials for OLED
OLED Intermediates

Liquid crystal monomer

Esters, alkynes: Used for TN mixed liquid crystal;
Terminal alkenes: Used for STN and TF
Two fluorine methoxy Bridge: Used for TN-TFT
Negative: Used for VA and negative I
Chiral compounds: Used for the modulation of liquid crystal parameters


Disco-tic liquid crystalline materials: Used for optical compensation film,solar cells, etc.
Reactive monomer: Used for 3D display, optical brightness enhancement film, etc.
The RM monomer: Used for PSVA

Custom Synthesis of LCD/OLED materials

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