How to Protect Yourself from Harmful Chemical Fumes

Most chemicals emanate harmful fumes that can cause skin rashes, and severe respiratory tract problems. Prolonged exposure to such fumes may prove to be detrimental to your health. Reduced lung capacity, bruised mucosal walls in the nose and throat, and eye infections are common results of fume exposure. In severe cases, toxic fumes may cause fatality.

If you, or anyone you know, work for a chemical industry, read the following points in order to attain maximum protection against poisonous chemical fumes:


Ventilation is an effective control method when it comes to protection against toxic fumes. Where liquid and gaseous chemicals give off a high amount of fumes, solids emit a comparatively low amount. So thinking that a room with solid chemical particles doesn’t need to be ventilated is wrong.


Keep the amount of toxic materials in storage as low as possible. Keep a regular check on storage containers for leakages, breakages, or expired shelf life. Make sure that the containers are tightly closed, even if they are empty as they may still carry toxic residue. Avoid high shelving such chemicals; instead keep them at eye level.

Handling of Chemicals

First and foremost, wear protective clothing while handling toxic chemicals, which include an over all, rubber gloves, goggles and a helmet to protect the scalp. Ensure suitable equipment for fires, spills and leaks is readily available. Pour the toxic chemicals carefully between containers to avoid any spillage. Also, avoid welding, cutting, or soldering an empty container that has not been cleared off of its toxic vapors.


It is required by law that toxic waste must be disposed of adequately. Careless and inaccurate disposal of waste can be fatal to people who are exposed to it, as well as those who don’t know how to handle it, such as garbage collectors, plumbers, water treatment plant workers etc. Toxic waste must never be flushed out, or disposed into the sea, as it affects the environment in a negative way.

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