structure of BCTA 4NH2 CAS 2559708 42 6 600x351 - BCTA-4NH2 CAS 2559708-42-6


CAS Number






Mol­e­c­u­lar Formula


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Yel­low to white powder

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WGK Germany


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Shelf Life

1 year


Store at 2-8°C away from light for long time storage

Known Appli­ca­tion

BCTA-4NH2 is an organ­ic com­pound with a wide range of appli­ca­tions. One of its pri­ma­ry uses is in the field of organ­ic elec­tron­ics, where it is used as a hole-tran­s­­port mate­r­i­al in organ­ic light-emit­t­ing diodes (OLEDs) and organ­ic pho­to­voltaics (OPVs).

In OLEDs, TAPC can act as a high­ly effi­cient hole-tran­s­­port­ing lay­er, help­ing to improve the effi­cien­cy and sta­bil­i­ty of the device. It is par­tic­u­lar­ly use­ful in the pro­duc­tion of blue-emit­t­ing OLEDs, where its unique prop­er­ties allow for improved per­for­mance. Addi­tion­al­ly, TAPC can be used as a host mate­r­i­al in the pro­duc­tion of OLEDs, where it helps to enhance the lumi­nance and effi­cien­cy of the device.

In OPVs, TAPC can be used as a hole-tran­s­­port­ing mate­r­i­al in the active lay­er of the device. It has been shown to improve the pow­er con­ver­sion effi­cien­cy of OPVs, mak­ing them a more viable option for renew­able ener­gy production.

TAPC can also be used as a dye in the field of bioimag­ing, where it can be used to label and visu­al­ize bio­log­i­cal mol­e­cules such as DNA and pro­teins. Its unique opti­cal prop­er­ties make it an excel­lent can­di­date for flu­o­res­cent label­ing, allow­ing for pre­cise detec­tion and analy­sis of bio­log­i­cal processes.

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NMR of BCTA 4NH2 CAS 2559708 42 6 - BCTA-4NH2 CAS 2559708-42-6

NMR of BCTA-4NH2 CAS 2559708-42-6

NMRof BCTA 4NH2 CAS 2559708 42 6 - BCTA-4NH2 CAS 2559708-42-6

NMR of BCTA-4NH2 CAS 2559708-42-6

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