Extend The Life Of Your Lithium Ion Batteries With These Tips

Lithium Ion Batteries 300x215 - Extend The Life Of Your Lithium Ion Batteries With These TipsBattery researchers are emphasizing on lithium to such an extent that one could imagine that the future of battery depends on lithium.

There are a host of reasons that support the use of lithium-ion batteries. And most of them clarify in many ways how lithium is better off than other chemicals.

The applications of lithium-ion batteries are rising and are influencing markets that formerly were dominated by lead-acid.

Also, most satellites today are being operated on lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion hasn’t so far completely developed. And in today’s mobile world, battery life is valuable. Here are some effective tips that will help you prolong lithium-ion battery life:

Always Keep the Batteries at Room Temperature

By room temperature, we mean that batteries need to be kept under temperature that ranges between 20-25°C.

Do not place it under very high temperatures. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that heat is the leading reason why lithium-ion batteries drain over time.

Carry a High Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery

Batteries get obsolete over passage of time and it’s a normal process. Regardless of whether they are being consumed or not, they depreciate over time.

So, it’s important to understand that a spar battery will not last longer than the one being used. You need to keep in mind the aging attributes of a battery when buying one. Always buy those that have the most recent date of manufacture.

Avoid Full Discharges

Full Discharges 300x190 - Extend The Life Of Your Lithium Ion Batteries With These TipsNickel-cadmium batteries have a charge memory and lithium-ion ones don’t. This also means that lithium-ion batteries don’t need complete discharge cycles.  As a matter of fact, it’s always good to make use of semi-discharged cycles.

However, experts recommend that once you charge your gadgets for around 30 times, you shouldn’t let lithium-ion batteries to drain or discharge.

When you continuously charge your battery partially, it leads to a state known as digital memory. This state decreases the precision of gadget’s power measure. The best thing to do is let the battery release charge till the cut-off point and then put it on charge. This recalibrates the power gauge.

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